Punchamukha Hanumanji Mandri

SindhuDulani, Mesquite, Texas, USA

NamaskarsSiddharSwamiji. Jai Ho. I had many problems with my husband. Only because of your blessings, now I lead a comfortable life with my husband. I am ready even to dedicate my whole life time for your spiritual life. You have given me a rebirth by making me to have a happy and peaceful living with my husband. Whenever you visit NJ or NY please inform me. My husband will take care of you. Please bless us once again. Thank you Swamiji

Merchant S Vijay, Austin, Texas, USA,

Respected Swamiji, You have done wonders in bringing up my down trodden business through your wonderful rituals. I wish to have your continued blessing for my entire family and business. Please be one in theboard and guide us to prosper more and more.

David S Kota, San Antonio, USA

Dear Swamiji I have heard your speeches long back. I came to know that you are going to deliver some lectures in my area. Please let me know the dates, so that I can come tohear you once again and get your blessings personally. Thank you very much Swamiji.

TharunaDhillon, Arlington, Texas, USA

Swamiji, only because of your magazine I cameto know who you are. I approache you to settle the marriage problem of my only daughter andyou settled in a wonderful way. My daughter isgoing to get married by the second week of May 2008.Ihumbly submit a small donation of $ 5001.00 for the Temple and I humbly request you to accept the donation. Once again Thanks and Namaskars to you Swamiji.

Karun Mehrotra, Rhode Island, USA

Dear Swamiji, I am 83 years old. I got your magazine from an Indian grocery store 3 months back. From that day onwards I became a continuous reader of the magazine. Basically I am an astrologer. By reading your article “Vedic Astrology” I got some new dimensions of astrology. Thank you very much. As I am many years older than you, I bless you to be the leader of astrology throughout the Universe.

Kandelwal Kumar, Dallas, Texas. USA

Dear Swamiji, Namaskars to you and your wonderful magazine Karma Magazine . I have done a vast demographic survey and found that only your magazine hasreached the highest number of readers in a very short period. On behalf of our association in KY we have decided to honor you for this holy cause and award a title to your magazine. Please accept this too. Our association is a nationwide association. I will be a credit to your association if you accept the award.

Kursheet Khan, Maine, USA

I am a Muslim. I suffered much with the stomachache, caused because of the black magic done on me. I consulted a lot of Physicians and a lot ofthantrichealers.No body was able to cure the ailment.After suffering for a long time I reached SwamijiSiddhar through the magazine Karma Magazine .He gaveme healing through phone. He performed wonderful rituals and took the black magic out. Now I am free from my stomachache. I pledge a small donation of $10,000.00 to the golden feet of SwamijiSiddhar. I humbly request you to accept this small donation. Thank you very much Swamiji.

Ram Kolar, Oregon, USA

NamaskarsSiddarji. You are doing wonderful and marvelous works. Running a temple without any group politics is impossible in anywhere. That too in America, it is not possible to do so. I came to the temple only after reading the magazine. I experienced the energy personally. Once again thanks and NamaskarsSwamiji.

Raj Sharma, Idaho, USA

Thank you very much Swamiji for introducing SriAtharvaSooliniDurga to all of us through your best magazine Karma Magazine. Only because of you we came to know about that wonderful Angel. I have pledged a donation of $500.00. I prayed her at the time of my grand child’s birth last month. By her blessings, my daughter gave birth to her child without many troubles. Once again thanks to Swamiji and Karma Magazine.

Albert Yuvas, Minnesota, USA

Even though I am a Christian, I love Hinduism. I dedicate my life to Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar. He only saved me from my dead bed. I came to know him only through the magazine Karma Magazine. He is really a wonderful scholar

SucharitaMalhotra, Sugarland, Texas, USA

I am a girl of ten years old. I love to read the magazine Karma. I love to read the kids’ corner of the magazine. My best wishes to Vishal for her beautiful drawings. I also wish to send some drawings through email. Please publish those drawings also in your magazine.


Dear Sri Siddharji, My son became a drug addict and I was not able to bring him out from his bad habit. After knowing about you through the magazine Karma Magazine, I approached you. At first I thought that you are an usual Swamiji from India. But after seeing my son free from all his bad habits I really wonder how great you are. Thanks and Namaskars to you and the magazine Karma Magazine.


I am very happy to know about the arrival of the new Hindu Temple in our town. I wish to donate a sum of $1000.00 every month for the Temple. Please accept this donation and bless me to have a prosperous and trouble free life. Thank you very much Swamiji.

Jolly Mathews Abraham, Tennessee, USA

I am a regular reader of the magazine Karma Magazine . My wife became a psychic patient due to the black magic done on her. I approached Swamiji Sri Siddhar to solve the problems. He solved the problem in a miraculor way. Thank and Namaskars to Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar.

Naveen Kumar, Massachusetts, USA

I had many problems in my family, particularly with my in laws. I approached SwamijiSiddhar to solve the problems. He solved all the problems in a very simple manner. Now I have a wonderful relationship with all my in laws. Namaskars to Swamiji for making my life wonderful.

SavaliaChandru, Delaware, USA

Thank you very much to the magazine Karma Magazine . Only because of that magazine, I understood the complete profile of SwamijiSiddhar. I approached him to solve the business problems. He solved those problems in a wonderful way. I dedicate my spare time services only to spread the name of Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar.